Aggregrated Marketing Platform

AMP Hero Img

Skills Used

Research // Task Analysis // User Stories // Use Cases // Mockup // Prototype // Visual Design // Redlines // Presenting to Clients


Photoshop // Illustrator // Axure

Greatest Accomplishment

Delivering on a tight deadline.

Biggest Challenge

Engaging with stakeholders to promote end-user satisfaction.


Sports 1 Marketing agency offers event gifting as one of their services. They needed a simple way to get gifts to event goers without impeding the event experience. Our solution involved developing multiple applications for the different users. A mobile app for patrons and a web app for sponsors to upload gifts. A 2-day workshop resulted in a low-fidelity prototype that was pitched and used as the starting point for the app design.


The relationship manager provided research on millenials, data on sports event attendees and concert attendees, a list of competitors, and an old version of mobile app they were currently using. I created a competitive/comparative analysis with the list of competitors, as well as additional competitors I researched. I was able to conduct a heuristic analysis as well as a usabiliy test and task analysis on the old mobile application to determine where users struggled.

Marketing Platform Life Cycle

A diagram of the interactions between the client, sponsors, and event patrons makes sense of the marketing platform interactions.

AMP Life Cycle

User Stories

S1M (client)

    1. As a business that hosts events, we want to gather real time data at events to be able to prepare for future events more efficiently.
    2. As a business that cares about charities, we want to increase awareness of “Processing for a Cause”, so more businesses donate to charities.


    1. As a sponsor, I want to increase customer engagement to generate more sales.
    2. As a sponsor, I want data that measures ROI(return on investment) so that I know how effective my marketing campaign is.

Event Patrons (customers)

    1. As a user at an event, I want my experience on the app to be easy so that I can focus on the event I’m at.
    2. As a user, I want to get great deals so that I can save money on products I’m interested in.

Initial Sketches

On the second day of the 2-day workshop, senior management and I presented what our findings from day 1 and we proceeded to whiteboard. Through this, we determined key features and produced sketches.

AMP Sketches

Low-Fidelity Prototype

The low fidelity prototype was presented to the client and was approved. This prototype was used for user testing. We found that:

  • Many users just wanted to get all the gifts and didn't want to be on an app during an event. We responded by adding an express function so that users could redeem all the gifts at once without looking through them.
  • Many of the “gifts” sponsors were offering were low percentage off coupons, which resulted in a negative experience for patrons. Patrons felt that they were being baited into downloading an app looking at coupons and not gifts. Our team encouraged higher standards for gifts so that patrons would be more likely to enjoy and continue using the application.
AMP Low-Fidelity Prototype

Affinity Diagram

I reached out to sporting event attendees to discover what their experiences with sponsored gifts were.

I found that:

  • Users wanted the gifts to actually be gifts and not coupons.
  • They wanted gifts that were relevant to the event.
  • Data usage was a concern for many users.


After the first round of prototype testing, we compiled a list of changes to apply to our prototype. A new, mid-fidelity prototype was developed, red lines were drafted and approved to send to the developers. App development began and Skype calls were used as the primary communication.

AMP Prototype

Sponsor App Whiteboarding

Our team used the data we gathered from the mobile app to discover what form fields were needed for a sponsor to upload a gift. We whiteboarded different arrangements of the data and spoke to sponsor brand managers to get an idea of what would be useful to them.

Sponsor Low-Fidelity Prototype

We created a prototype of the sponsor app and tested it on users. We found that the wording and information architecture of the site needed to be adjusted to match the mental models of brand managers and increase usability.

AMP Sponsor Low-Fidelity Prototype

Sponsor Prototype

We made changes based off of user testing and added a first draft of visual design.

AMP Sponsor Prototype


The mobile and sponsor application prototypes and redlines were sent to developers. This fulfilled my portion of the contract and I remained in touch through Skype for questions.