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Skills Used

3D Modeling // Logo Design // UX Design


Illustrator // Unity // Blender


WILL 3.0 // Microsoft Ink Recognizer API

Favorite Part

Working on a revolutionary idea in 3D space


AnnoteVR was developed during the Wacom Inkathon over the course of a weekend. It is an annotation tool that brings digital ink into 3D space. I designed the assets, logo, presentation, and provided usability insights.

The Problem

AnnoteVR 3D text issue

Using the controllers to write in 3d space requires users to read annotations from the same position they were written.

AnnoteVR 3D text issue

Repeatedly removing the headset to type notes on a computer is time consuming and annoying.

AnnoteVR 3D text issue

Current VR keyboard solutions are too slow.

Use Case & Demo Video

We presented our use case of a mechanic teaching an online course on vintage motorcycles. In this scenario, vintage parts can be rare and expensive, making a 3D modeled online classroom the most economical and accessible choice.

Check out the prototype below to see how it works.


Even with the transparent label to write on, we found that writing quickly in 3D space made it difficult to have good handwriting. Our solution was to project the 3D text onto a 2D label, run it through the Microsoft text recognition API and return plain, typed text.

Reflection & Future Iterations

To make AnnoteVR into a plugin for 3D environments we would need to adjust the UI and add some basic functions such as undo and redo as well as make the text recognition faster.