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Skills Used

Research // Competetive Analysis // Use Cases // Logo Design // Branding // Collateral Design


Photoshop // Illustrator

Favorite Part

Being able to dive deep into the technical nature of cloud computing. Learning more about how cloud computing works.

Biggest Challenge

Hitting the ground running while learning about a new industry I hadn't worked in before.


My client was preparing to launch a marketing campaign for their product suite, CloudAtlas, at the 2016 World Partner Conference. CloudAtlas is a suite of tools that helps a company migrate from a traditional on-premises IT environment to one that is hosted and managed in the cloud.

Research & Competitive/Comparative Analysis

I was given a presentation on CloudAtlas and a list of competitors. Using the provided research and my own research, I came up with a competitive/comparative analysis of different cloud migration tools and SAAS (software as a service) websites.

CloudAtlas Competitive/Comparative

User Research

During user tests on the current website, people had difficulty understanding the content on the page. We found that portions of the website used internal terminology that could not be understood by the average IT professional.

User Flow

A user flow allowed us to visualize how the website could be structured to meet user needs.

CloudAtlas User Flow

Website Recommendations

During user studies, users commented on the inconsistent visual style and the text heavy nature of the website. This, combined with the complicated language, lead users to feel like the site was untrustworthy. We recommended CloudAtlas increase trustworthiness by:

  • Simplifying the wording and making content more understandable
  • Introducing staff members and highlighting their industry experience
  • Developing a style guide for visual consistency
  • Showcasing companies that have used their products
  • Visual Design & Logo Sketches

    Initial sketches for CloudAtlas logo ideas.

    CloudAtlas Logo Sketches


    I developed several logo variations for the client, with and without text.

    CloudAtlas Logos


    I designed and oversaw the printing of the trifold pamphlet that describes the CloudAtlas suite of tools.

    CloudAtlas Trifold CloudAtlas Trifold back

    Folding Business Card

    I also generated a business card containing contact information and a brief description of CloudAtlas.

    CloudAtlas Business Card


    CloudAtlas successfully distributed their collateral and attained several clients from the World Partner Conference.