CPE Dashboard

CPE Hero Img

Skills Used

Research // User Interview Script // Use Cases // User Stories // Prototype // Usability Testing Script


Photoshop // Illustrator // Axure

Favorite Part

Creating a presentation that exceeded client expectations.

Biggest Challenge

We de-escalated conflict by developing an excellent functional team plan.


CPESuite is a startup that offers CPE (continuing professional education) courses and makes tracking license requirements easier. My team was tasked to design an intuitive and useful dashboard for professionals to track their requirements.

CPE Brief

The client briefed us on how professionals track their license requirements by using CPA's (certified public accountants) as an example of one of the most common licenses that require tracking. He whiteboarded his vision and his goals for this project.

CPE Brief


We interviewed several CPA's to get an idea of how they did their license tracking, what tools they used, and how they felt about license requirements.

Persona Hypothesis

From the domain research, competitive and comparative analysis, and user interviews we created our persona hypothesis, Trevor.

CPE Persona Hypothesis

Affinity Diagram

Our affinity diagram helped us find patterns in CPA licensing habits.

CPE Affinity Diagram

Concept Map

From user interviews, we created a concept map showing where pain points were for CPA’s.

CPE Concept Map


I drew a storyboard to help present our project and explain the user flow.

CPE Storyboard


As a group, we did a lot of white-boarding to come up with as many design solutions as possible.

CPE Whiteboarding


We held several sketching sessions using the design studio method to come up with unique ideas.

CPE Sketches

Low-Fidelity Prototype

We used a low-fidelity prototype to do usability studies.

CPE Low-Fidelity Prototype


We determined the issues users had with the low-fidelity prototype and made changes where they had the most issues.

CPE Testing


Based on our usability tests we made layout changes, removed the unnecessary features, implemented a color scheme, and expanded on the course flow experience.

CPE Prototype


We presented our UX process and handed off relevant documents to the client. Moving forward, we recommended doing a round of usability testing with UI designs implemented.