Discord Pets

Discord Pets Hero Img

Skills Used

Asset Design // Graphic Design // UX Design



Favorite Part

Making cute assets.


Discord pets was developed during the UWB Hacks hackathon. It is a discord bot that allows users to have their very own pets. I designed the assets and provided UX insights.


Discord Pets was written in Python using a Discord API. The information for users and pets is stored in a SQLite database so that player progress would not be lost in the case of a crash. A sticky post is included on channels that use Discord Pets. There, users will see a list of commands to get started. Users start by typing "!start"

Discord Pets Start

For the hackathon demo, we showcased Kyle the cat. The following commands can be used to interact with Kyle.

  • !walk
  • !boop
  • !feed
  • !play
Discord Pets Walk Kyle

Kyle gets tired of walking though. He needs to take breaks.

Discord Pets Walk Kyle Cooldown

Kyle always appreciates a boop though.

Discord Pets Boop Kyle

Kyle also likes to play.

Discord Pets Play With Kyle

And of course, Kyle needs to eat.

Discord Pets Play With Kyle

Reflection & Future Iterations

We would need to implement meters for happiness and hunger to incentivize users to interact with their pets. Different pets such as Dogs, Fish, and Hampsters would have different needs for happiness and hunger.

Another goal of the project was to make Discord Pets playable from multiple Discord servers and for player progress to transfer accordingly. Using a database to store the information accomplishes these goals effectively.