A Code Called Quest

Learning Game Hero Img

Skills Used

Asset Design // Graphic Design



Favorite Part

Making cute sprites to appeal to younger audiences.

Biggest Challenge

Finishing assets in a short time frame.


A Code Called Quest is a game designed to help children learn basic programming concepts. I was in charge of creating art for the game, including assets and background designs.


At the start of each game, a lesson is given by the Squirrel character.

Lesson Background

Boolean Logic

In the fish basket minigame, the player must determine which relational operator would make the statement true, select it from the list on the bottom right of the screen, and then move left or right to catch the falling fish

Gameplay of the Boolean Logic game

Data Types

In the meteor defense minigame, the player must identify the data type that is displayed on the meteor, select the correct data type from a list (seen on the bottom right), aim the cannon toward the meteor, and then shoot

Gameplay of the Data Types Game


Game Logo
Squirrel Character
Favicon Image
Seagull Character
Main Character in a Boat
Mountain Background

Findings & Reflection

This game was tested on students who have not studied computer science. Testers noted that the graphics made the game more enjoyable. Most users reported they had fun, and asserted that the game would work better accompanied by a curriculum.