SMS(Short Message Service)

SMS Dashboard Hero Img

Skills Used

Research // Use Cases // User Flow // Mockup


Photoshop // Illustrator

Greatest Accomplishment

Convincing management to let user research dictate design decisions with a limited budget.

Most Difficult Part

Stopping when the contract ended. I enjoyed laying out the information architecture but wished I could have usability tested and done more visual design for the client.


2 person


AmbientWiFi, a smart wifi company, wanted to expand their services to include SMS(Short Message Service), also known as text message, marketing. They needed a way for business owners to schedule and manage SMS messages for their subscribers. The client wanted a low-fidelity wireframe and notes that would convey the design to the developer team.


The client had a limited user research budget, I posted a screener on online forums to learn about the habits of SMS subscribers and found that:

  • Most people subscribed for discounts and/or coupons
  • Most people unsubscribed because they were messaged too frequently
  • Users recieved 1-2 messages a week from their favorite SMS subscription
  • I made sure developers had access to the survey data and my notes so they would understand where design decisions came from.

    SMS Survey

    User Stories

    The user survey and additional SMS research lead to the creation of user stories. I spoke with business owners that offered free wifi through smart wifi devices to gain insights on what a they get from a SMS marketing campaign.

    Business Owners

      1. As a business, I want customers experiences with our brand to be positive so that they will recommend us to their peers.
      2. As a business, I want to see how many people are subscribed to my SMS so I can track growth and ROI(return on investment).

    Patrons (Customers)

      1. As a user, I want to get coupons and discounts so that I can save money.
      2. As a user, I want messages to be scheduled during the day so that I don't have to worry about being disturbed.

    Site Map

    A simple site map was created for this dashboard based on the user data.
    The home page of the dashboard conveys the 3 most important things a business owner will want to see based on my user research.

    • How many SMS messages they have scheduled that have not been sent out.
    • How many SMS subscribers they have.
    • How many credits they have to send SMS messages. (Message credits are part of the monetization strategy for this SMS service. Business owners will need to purchase these credits to send out messages.)

    SMS Site Map

    Low-fidelity Wireframe

    The low-fidelity wireframe gave the team a better idea of what they could develop the UI to look like. Every page addresses the business owners needs while keeping the users needs in mind.

    • The SMS page is where business owners can schedule their SMS messages ahead of time and send them out at a specified time/date. They will also be able to view the messages they have already sent out.
    • The autoresponders page is where a business owner is able to write messages that automatically respond when there is a new subscriber or someone unsubscribes.
    • The reports page gives detailed graphs showing how many people subscribed, where they subscribed, and when they subscribed. This helps business owners see their return on investment for the SMS product and gauge how effective their advertizing campaigns are.

    To ensure business owners are as successful in their SMS marketing campaigns, I recommended including some helpful tips for business owners. For example, when a business owner is scheduling a SMS message, recommend they do it in the afternoon so that users don't feel bothered early in the morning or late at night.

    SMS Low-Fidelity Mockup


    The wireframe and detailed notes were sent to the development team for production.