SUFL Website Redesign

SUFL Hero Img

Skills Used

Research // Task Analysis // User Interviews // Affinity Diagram // User Stories // Use Cases // Prototype // Front-end


Photoshop // Illustrator // HTML&CSS // Javascript // Wordpress

Favorite Part

Contributing to a cause that I believe in.

Biggest Challenge

Learning the skills necessary to make a functional website and refreshing my wordpress skills.


Step Up For Laos (SUFL) is a charity registered in the State of Washington that helps kids in Laos who have been maimed by the massive amounts of unexploded ordnance (UXO) that were dropped by the U.S. in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I began volunteering for SUFL in late 2016 by creating high quality vectors and setting up an online t-shirt printing and shipping store. During a board member meeting, we decided to create a new website so that users could easily donate online.


Other volunteers and I created a list of improvements to make to the website based on feedback from previous users and a heuristic analysis.

  • Making it mobile friendly.
  • Fixing a visual bug on the shop page.
  • Including recycled bomb products on the website.
  • Add information about the recycled bomb material.
  • Improve the product images
  • Include high quality images for the backgrounds and blog posts.
  • Introducing the volunteers.
  • Implementing a new contact system.
  • Creating and linking to online social media.

User Research

I interviewed SUFL donors as well as donors of other charities to find out what motivates them to donate.

Affinity Diagram

SUFL Affinity Diagram

Within the group of surveyed donors, they are mainly influenced by:

  • Being asked to donate by someone they cared for.
  • Knowing that donations would be going to a good cause.
  • Feeling an emotional connection to the cause.
  • Positively impacting someone elses future.

Persona Hypothesis

With the data I gathered, a persona hypothesis, Beth, was developed.

SUFL Persona Hypothesis

User Journey

SUFL User Journey

Social Media

A primary takeaway from user interviews, was that donating is often a social experience. In order to maximize donations, we should make it easy for donors to share and spread the word within their communities via an active facebook group or an instagram account


While researching how to incentivize people to donate, we considered giving donors a free gift with a certain amount of donation funds.

No one in ther interviews had experienced recieving a gift in return for donating. Donors were more skeptical of how funds were allocated if a donation had a free gift. My suggestion was to include the free gift items on the store so they could be optionally and intentionally purchased, rather than having a user enter their mailing address while they donate to recieve the item.


SUFL Sketches

Site Map

The site map for the old website was difficult to navigate and the online portal for donations was hidden. The new site puts donations at the forefront of the site in an easily navigable system

SUFL Site Map

Creating the MVP

I used HTML, CSS, and AWS to design and host the essentials of this website, the donation link, and the "about us" section.


We raised over 2000$, approximately 26 prosthetics, during the 2018 holiday season and are in the process of planning next steps for the organization.