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Plant Care AI is plant care sheet generator that empowers people to take better care of their plants. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, the bot can quickly generate customized care sheets tailored to the specific needs of a given plant. Users simply input the name of their plant, and the bot generates a comprehensive care sheet that covers everything from watering frequency and soil type to ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Unlike chatbots that are designed for general conversation, Plant Care AI is focused on quickly providing accurate and personalized plant care information sheets.

User Stories

- As a plant shopper I want to quickly find care needs for a plant to identify if it is suitable for my home.

- As a gardener I want to quickly find care needs for plants so I can determine whether it is feasible for me to grow in my garden.


When a user enters a plant name, it is wrapped in a prompt that instructs GPT on how to respond. Below is a snippit of the prompt.

const { message } = req.body;
  const wrapMessage = "Act as a plant expert assistant to answer plant related 
  questions or create a plant care sheet for the plant ${message}". 
  If "${message}" is not a specific plant name respond with a care sheet for 
  a plant within the plant family.
  If "${message}" is a specific plant name respond with a care sheet."

Why not just use ChatGPT?

With a finely tuned prompt, I can ensure prompt and comprehensive responses addressing each aspect of care I seek. This streamlined approach facilitates effortless access to the information I need, while presenting it in a readable format. Consequently, it minimizes the number of queries required to acquire the desired information.

venus fly trap example response